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I’m super pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a full-time position with The Mitre Corporation, effective 29 April 2019, as a Lead/Principal DoD Program Management and Agile Acquisition Subject Matter Expert! This means 3 things that might make a difference to you:

  1. I’m no longer taking on new consulting clients. It’s been a blast, it’s been educational, and it’s given me a new understanding of what industry, small businesses in particular, go through to do business with the Government. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but Mitre has a unique ability that will allow me to fulfill ALL my personal and professional goals, and it’s a wonderful match.
  2. I’m no longer writing articles for this blog, effective 29 April. I started this blog exactly a year ago when I left my Government Contracting position behind and I had lots to say (even for free) about what’s needed in Acquisition. I’ve made friends and dramatically expanded my network because I couldn’t shut up about innovation in the Acquisition world and I knew I couldn’t walk away and just spend my time writing novels. But this is no longer a big enough forum for what I’ve got to say or to teach. I will leave this blog online, all articles intact, because many of you reference them regularly to build 10 USC 2373s, your own Rapid office, etc. So while I won’t add to it, I will allow it to stay and be helpful.
  3. I WILL be writing articles like these and creating tools like these for Mitre. I jokingly call this uploading my “rapid brain repertoire” to them. This joyfully allows me to take the tools I’ve crafted and push them out to the masses, so to speak, free to you, to help you create a better Acquisition world. My personal themes for this year were “level up” and “Partner up,” and this absolutely feels right. I’ll post links to my new articles and lessons below when I have them. Please also continue to follow me on LinkedIn where I’ll share my newest articles and tools.

So…my professional goal has long been “to change Acquisition as we know it.” Seeing your life-long goals come to fruition is just the best thing ever! Mitre is going to be my partner in influencing a once-in-a-generation change.

I offer my heartfelt appreciation to my readers, who have followed me regularly, pointed to my past as precedent, and even printed out these posts to carry with them to conferences. What we do matters. What YOU do matters. You are changing the timeline and building a better future for the generations to come.

Be my partner in continuing to get the word out and explore cool, creative solutions for smart, fast results. Be the change.

C 2019

Lorna Tedder

Effective 29 April 2019: Lead/Principal DoD Program Management and Agile Acquisition Subject Matter Expert at The Mitre Corporation


Lorna Tedder
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  • Recently retired Contracting Officer, unlimited AFMC warrant 1991-2018; Rapid Acquisition Consultant, 2018-2019.
  • Nationally recognized Innovation Thought Leader in Government acquisition
  • Rapid acquisition teacher, both FAR and non-FAR based contracting
  • Master brain-stormer and advisor to program offices across the DoD
  • Expert in developing junior and mid-level personnel to become innovators in Government acquisition
  • 3 decades of first-hand experience and success with Other Transactions, Oral Proposals, 10 USC 2373, Broad Agency Announcements, unique pricing arrangements, Price Based Acquisition, Award Without Discussion, streamlined source selections, multiple award IDIQs, UCAs, waivers, omnibus tool creation, Quick Reaction Capability teams, and strategic sourcing.
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