New Acquisition Tools, Interactive and Clickable

In 1988, I met my first Human Factors engineer and had my eyes opened just a peep to the benefits. In 2018, my eldest spawn got her PhD in Psychology, with an emphasis in Human Factors and virtual reality. My discussions with her over the years of writing her dissertation pried my eyes open wide to the goodness of adding human factors to training.

When I first saw the Adaptive Acquisition Framework and Contracting Cone, I immediately wanted to click on the different areas to explore them. Okay, so that’s not an easy thing to do.

Well, score one for my 2019 bucket list regarding what we need in Acquisition training! These two new tool are now interactive and clickable. Kudos to the team for putting this together!

You can find them here. Make sure you bookmark them because you’ll surely want to come back again and again.

C 2019

Lorna Tedder

Effective 29 April 2019: Lead/Principal DoD Program Management and Agile Acquisition Subject Matter Expert at The Mitre Corporation


Lorna Tedder
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  • Recently retired Contracting Officer, unlimited AFMC warrant 1991-2018; Rapid Acquisition Consultant, 2018-2019.
  • Nationally recognized Innovation Thought Leader in Government acquisition
  • Rapid acquisition teacher, both FAR and non-FAR based contracting
  • Master brain-stormer and advisor to program offices across the DoD
  • Expert in developing junior and mid-level personnel to become innovators in Government acquisition
  • 3 decades of first-hand experience and success with Other Transactions, Oral Proposals, 10 USC 2373, Broad Agency Announcements, unique pricing arrangements, Price Based Acquisition, Award Without Discussion, streamlined source selections, multiple award IDIQs, UCAs, waivers, omnibus tool creation, Quick Reaction Capability teams, and strategic sourcing.
  • Message me on LinkedIn.
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