Where’s Lorna?

I’m super pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a full-time position with The Mitre Corporation, effective 29 April 2019, as a Lead/Principal DoD Program Management and Agile Acquisition Subject Matter Expert! This means 3 things that might make a difference to you: I’m no longer taking on new consulting clients. It’s been a blast, it’s been educational, and it’s given me a new understanding of what industry, small businesses in particular, go through to do business with the Government. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but Mitre has a unique ability that will allow me to fulfill ALL my personal Read More

What Wasn’t in the Other Transactions November 2018 Guide

When the new OSD Other Transactions November 2018 guide came out a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled. I still am. The new guide clarified a few areas that had the old experts, the new experts, and the wanna-be experts confused, specifically the areas of funding and competition. That’s great–those areas needed a strong hand at a high level to cut through some of the more conservative interpretations I’ve heard. Guides are often interpreted as “gospel” by more conservative minds, and this guide opened some doors for those innovators who are bumping up against naysayers. But there were two Read More

Relationship Building and the Apocalypse

This isn’t where I’d hoped to be, but…well…. Life, you know? I’d planned to be at DEF2018 in Denver this weekend, having a blast and building relationships. Hurricane Michael had other plans, and I found myself caught between trying to get my elderly mom to safety and thinking a lot about how the aftermath of an almost category 5 hurricane can teach us relationship lessons in the Acquisition world–or in any profession or in Life in general. Hurricane Michael was barely a blip off the Yucatan when I had my first flashback to 3 October 1995. I was in the Read More

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