Why Your Agreements Officer Has No Balls

“Gah! My Agreements Officer has no balls!” My friend, a 40-ish Air Force Program Manager, plops down at the cafe table beside me, coffee sloshing over his hand. He curses under his breath, as much at the burn as at the person who is critical to the success of the Other Transaction he’s yearning to get awarded. “No balls,” he mutters. I shrug. “Technically, you’re right. She doesn’t.” “Oh, you know what I mean. As an Agreements Officer, she has tons of authority and power and she’s using none of it. She won’t do anything unless Policy and Legal approve Read More

Teamwork Failure for Amazon Hub Reflects Rapid Acquisition Inefficiencies

Can we make rapid acquisition more efficient by tearing down our own walls? “When it comes to the Olympic-style bidding for Amazon’s second headquarters, the nation’s capital and its neighbors could have joined together in a united front,” NPR reported Friday, 4 May 2018 in an article about the shortlist for Amazon’s next hub. “Instead, the District of Columbia and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia decided to compete against each other.” Ouch. That sounds familiar. Not so much the competition for resources–though that’s there as well–as the lack of teamwork or admitting that someone else might have better methods Read More

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