A Non-Political Look at Disruption of Fiscal Law

I will try my best to make this post non-political. One of my degrees is in Journalism, from back in the “Lou Grant” days when journalism was strictly about the facts and opinions were on page 2 of the newspaper or at the end of the TV news hour in the editorial section where they “belonged,” back when sensationalism was a no-no, back when the news was the news and not fake or slanted or butchered or marketed, back around the time 24-hour news launched for the first time and disrupted the industry so that news had to be created Read More

How to Handle Contractors during Government Shutdowns

Every time there’s a Government shutdown, a devastating hurricane, the funeral of a former President, or an occasional Christmas Eve time-off-with-pay given to Federal employees, the next question is always the same: What do we do about our Contractors while Federal employees are stuck at home? Somehow it always seems to be a surprise. It’s not like there’s never going to be another shutdown. In this age of governing by brinksmanship–regardless of which political party you’re a fan of, of any–I can almost guarantee you we’ll have at least three shutdown threats a year, and during every one, even if Read More

What Wasn’t in the Other Transactions November 2018 Guide

When the new OSD Other Transactions November 2018 guide came out a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled. I still am. The new guide clarified a few areas that had the old experts, the new experts, and the wanna-be experts confused, specifically the areas of funding and competition. That’s great–those areas needed a strong hand at a high level to cut through some of the more conservative interpretations I’ve heard. Guides are often interpreted as “gospel” by more conservative minds, and this guide opened some doors for those innovators who are bumping up against naysayers. But there were two Read More

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