How the Personnel Bathtub Hurts Acquisition (Part 1)

The first time someone used the term personnel bathtub, he literally had to draw me a picture to help me understand. In my head, I pictured an oversized, white, claw-footed tub, but I could not for the life of me figure out how it was to be used, and I have a wild imagination. I’ll give you the advantage given to me and draw you a picture.     Around 2008, a leader I very much respected looked across the Contracting career field and saw what later became known as the personnel bathtub, and she saw how it had a Read More

Why Boundaries Are Needed for Other Transactions

“If it’s something I want, then it’s something I need—I wasn’t built for comfort: I was built for speed. “And I know that I’m gonna be like this forever…I’m never gonna be what I ‘should,’ “And you think that I’ll be bad for just a little while, but I know that I’ll be Bad for Good.” – “Bad for Good,” Jim Steinman Like it or not, knowing our boundaries is a good thing when it comes to Other Transactions and innovation tools, both 10 USC 2371 and 10 USC 2372 included. The Other Transaction community and the acquisition community at Read More

Will It Matter in 100 Years? Yes

“Will it matter in 100 years?” I would ask, already knowing the answer. My minions had big, bulky extraocular muscles from rolling their eyes every time they heard me say that, but it was the perfect guiding principle for where to spend our time. I once famously got into trouble as a young Contracting Officer in 1995 for asking this question of the wrong person. A funding mod of mine had been snared in a random Policy inspection and the new procurement analyst, who was vocal that she didn’t think I should have a warrant that young but couldn’t find Read More

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