What’s Working for You in Acquisition?

  Once a quarter, as part of my continuing self-improvement attempts and part of my personal spiritual development, I assess “what’s working for me.” It’s simple. I just look over the latest changes in my life that are having positive results, see if I need to modify those new practices, and acknowledge what’s working so I can have more of it in my life. I’ve found that wherever I put my focus gets a lot of juice. For example, this quarter, I’m still in transition from Federal employee to consultant. I’m trying to sell my house, prep to move to Read More

Rapid Acquisition and the Answer to Everything

Maybe not the answer to everything, but the answer to enough to increase your efficiency and effectiveness significantly. If you’re successful, it may feel like the answer to everything. This isn’t any secret, but it’s what I did for years as Chief of the Rapid Acquisition Cell for the Air Force and what I’m helping others do now as a consultant. Hopefully, you’ll find a few tidbits in this post that you can use to improve your acquisition strategies and use of limited resources. Admit it: we’re supposed to solve all sorts of Acquisition problems at our level, when the Read More

Why Boundaries Are Needed for Other Transactions

“If it’s something I want, then it’s something I need—I wasn’t built for comfort: I was built for speed. “And I know that I’m gonna be like this forever…I’m never gonna be what I ‘should,’ “And you think that I’ll be bad for just a little while, but I know that I’ll be Bad for Good.” – “Bad for Good,” Jim Steinman Like it or not, knowing our boundaries is a good thing when it comes to Other Transactions and innovation tools, both 10 USC 2371 and 10 USC 2372 included. The Other Transaction community and the acquisition community at Read More

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