A Non-Political Look at Disruption of Fiscal Law

I will try my best to make this post non-political. One of my degrees is in Journalism, from back in the “Lou Grant” days when journalism was strictly about the facts and opinions were on page 2 of the newspaper or at the end of the TV news hour in the editorial section where they “belonged,” back when sensationalism was a no-no, back when the news was the news and not fake or slanted or butchered or marketed, back around the time 24-hour news launched for the first time and disrupted the industry so that news had to be created Read More

What’s Different about NASA–and Why You Should Care

NASA may share similar problems with the Air Force, Navy, and Army, but several key differences are worth learning from, not just for the Department of Defense but for large companies as well. I’m now understanding that all large organizations, including non-Defense-related businesses, share similar organizational challenges, but NASA is doing some things right–or trying to–and therefore, it’s worth learning from and copying where possible. This week, I was honored to participate in a two-day workshop on NASA’s Innovation Ecosystem and its continuous improvement. This wasn’t really about innovative Contracting tools but more about mindset and relationship building internally and Read More

Dirty Little Wars

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about taking a month away–or even a couple of weeks away–from my Agile Acquisition blog. After all, 2018 is a fickle place and if you’re not putting out content regularly, you are quickly forgotten. I was even more nervous that I’d miss something important by taking time away, like the promised new Other Transaction guide that we were teased would be out around Thanksgiving. No joke–it’s hard to stay on top of all the changes in the world of Acquisition innovation. And that’s a good thing if we can’t keep up because Read More

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