Lorna Tedder

Ideas are easy, execution is hard, and I like both. If I’m not challenging the bureaucracy every day, I’m not living up to my potential. I’ve been in the Contracting career field for 31 years and have excelled in everything from Operational, Specialized, Lab, Services, Production, to staff positions but it’s quick reaction acquisition that makes my heart sing. My special sauce is creative solutions, and my passion is serving the warfighter. I have a tremendous heart for the Special Operator. I have an extensive tool box of ideas that work, and I’m not afraid to share them with the next generation.

I just retired from Federal service at the end of April and will be transitioning into a full-time consultant over the next few months as I relocate.

If you want to contract me work together, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my business manager at Rogue Industries and he’ll get you on my schedule so I can show you how to “get there faster.” Message me on LinkedIn or my contact page and I’ll connect you. I work primarily with Government acquisition teams to help them build effective, efficient contracting tools. If you are with a Program Office, you can probably bring me (or members of my team) in through your acquisition support contract. We can also provide a PWS for you to use. Clearances are current.

Here’s what you need to know about my skill set:

  • Rapid Acquisition Consultant with Rogue Industries LLC
  • Recently retired Contracting Officer, unlimited warrant 1991-2018
  • Nationally recognized Innovation Thought Leader in Government acquisition
  • Rapid acquisition teacher, both FAR and non-FAR based contracting
  • Master brain-stormer and advisor to program offices across the DoD
  • Expert in developing junior and mid-level personnel to become innovators in Government acquisition
  • 3 decades of first-hand experience and success with Other Transactions, Oral Proposals, 10 USC 2373, Broad Agency Announcements, unique pricing arrangements, Price Based Acquisition, Award Without Discussion, streamlined source selections, multiple award IDIQs, UCAs, waivers, omnibus tool creation, Quick Reaction Capability teams, and strategic sourcing


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