An Open Letter to Innovation Hubs

Come on, guys. Let’s get it together and get together. We can be so much more. I’ve been watching some of you for about 18 months and most of you very closely over the last 6 months. Yeah, you’re cool. Truly. I think all of you are doing incredible work, and it’s exciting just being in the same room as you. I love seeing people passionate about innovation and making a difference. It’s real fire-in-the-belly stuff. But there’s an area I think we’re all failing in, and not in a failing-fast-learn-from-it-goodness kind of way that we all talk about when Read More

Turning Fiscal Year End Moans into Better Plans

It’s 11 PM on Fiscal Year Eve. Do you know where your contracts are? It’s just as well. If you work for the Department of Defense, you probably won’t be reading this until the next fiscal year anyway. This year wasn’t bad for me. Only the second fiscal year end in 30-plus years that hasn’t been crunch time for me. But then, I no longer work in Contracting. I know. I’m rubbing it in. But this time of year historically gives way to too much caffeine, bad pizza, and repetitive stress injuries/tendonitis for me because I’ve always felt I had Read More

Hold on Tight! Here Comes Mission-Focused Business Leadership!

The Air Force’s Mission-Focused Business Leadership is my new mantra, and that’s a good thing because I’m nearly hyperventilating. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 4 years, 2 months and 2 weeks ago–and yes, I’ve been counting. What a great Fiscal Year End present for my former coworkers! I’ll hit what I personally consider to be the highlights–your mileage may vary. Yesterday, Maj Gen (Sel) Cameron Holt, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Contracting), sent his first “fireside chat” email (19 Sept 2018) to Air Force Contracting, and I woke up this morning to innovators doing happy dances and the not-so-innovative folks Read More

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